About Us

One Global Vision Through Four Divisions of Expertise

CULTIVA Global Solutions, LLC is organized into Four Divisions of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and thought leaders from varied industries and backgrounds all united by a passion and commitment to drive positive global change through our services and solutions.  We are four highly integrated and supportive Divisions of forward-thinking professionals having designed and delivered in complex and highly regulated environments.  Together we represent decades of consultative experience solving, optimizing, and transforming community and work environments with an unwavering commitment to doing good.

Each Division is led by a senior executive strategist with broad expertise and experience and a keen understanding of the emerging and emergent issues facing their respective domains.  All Divisions are supported by a bench of elite expert advisors, at the highest levels of achievement and leadership in each’s respective areas, to inform and shape client engagements. 

Our consultants are carefully vetted and retained based on each’s ability to exemplify and model our guiding principles and focus on the client’s needs and requirements.  The result of our structure, people and commitment is a robust offering of consultative management services spanning all aspects of workforce, business, information technologies and sustainability arenas with great skill in integrating and leveraging each and all divisions as needed.

Our Company Mission

Our mission is to drive global economic growth and improve lives by collaborating with Federal and Global Partners that promote sustainable development, foster international trade, and support capacity-building initiatives. We are committed to leveraging our expertise and innovative solutions to create lasting partnerships, facilitate knowledge transfer, and contribute to a prosperous, resilient, and interconnected world.


Our success hinges on three key factors: In-depth Local Knowledge: CULTIVA possesses extensive on-the-ground experience and understanding of local cultures, regulations, and market dynamics, enabling us to create tailor-made solutions that drive positive impact in targeted emerging markets. Multi-disciplinary Expertise: Our team of seasoned professionals combines diverse backgrounds in finance, economics, infrastructure development, technology, and policy, fostering a holistic approach to address complex challenges and deliver sustainable results. Proven Track Record: With a successful history of collaboration with federal agencies and international organizations, CULTIVA has demonstrated the ability to design, implement, and manage high-impact projects that promote economic growth, job creation, and innovation.


Over the last 10 years, our team has supported and led projects on every continent. Our focus on commerce and trade in partnership with Federal Agencies has provided a range of services aimed at fostering economic growth, creating jobs, and improving international trade. Some relevant services include:

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Mission & Guiding Principles

Through our four integrated divisions, is our mission to drive optimization and transformation.
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Executive Leadership

CULTIVA has assembled a highly qualified Executive Leadership team, working with high profile clients & projects.
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Differentiators & Certifications

CULTIVA's differentiators and certifications allow us to provide unique strategies and solutions for our clients.
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Global Social Responsibility

To CULTIVA as a whole, Global Social Responsibility is simple, non-negotiable, and the right thing to do.

Our Evolving Success Story

Impacted by the global disparities in education and workforce opportunities after several international mission assignments, CULTIVA was launched by the owners to support mission-oriented organizations and education providers in organizational development best practices.

Established in 2011, CULTIVA began as an independent management and technical consulting organization focused on bringing together a team of highly skilled industry professionals that foster education innovation. Using a project-based approach, the team partnered with various organizational and industry leaders across the US to develop effective and lasting improvements to education and provide independent consulting, technical implementation and industry research services to educational institutions, industry investors and the educational companies that serve them.

Our targeted approach and multiple successes to support grant readiness assistance, employee training, and technology modernization projects in the education arena quickly expanded to support additional areas of organizational support needed such as strategic planning, IT modernization, and public private partnership development. Our team’s ability to coordinate, develop, and assimilate top subject matter expertise for mission critical initiatives was easily translated into the company’s continued success in 2019 as the company began to engage in new markets working with state and federal agencies. More than a decade later, CULTIVA teams have supported hundreds of global projects on almost every continent.


In a recent successful USTDA reverse trade mission, Mexican delegates representing government agencies, utilities, and private sector organizations visited the United States to explore cutting-edge water technology solutions from leading American companies. The mission aimed to strengthen bilateral partnerships and address Mexico’s pressing water infrastructure and management needs, including water treatment, distribution, monitoring, and conservation. During the week-long event, delegates attended tailored presentations and site visits to witness innovative water technologies in action, fostering collaboration and potential investment opportunities for both U.S. and Mexican stakeholders. This mission, a crucial step in enhancing sustainable water management practices, resulted in the implementation of advanced U.S. technologies in Mexico, ultimately boosting economic growth and contributing to a cleaner and more efficient water management system in the country.
Oct 2011
CULTIVA Milestones
Committing to CULTIVA-ting Excellence

CULTIVA launches in Washington DC with 4 consultants dedicated to creating an impact in their community. Then, with fewer than 10 consultants, CULTIVA established a firm-wide commitment to the furtherance of civil society, which has continued and will continue throughout our evolution.

Feb 2017
CULTIVA Milestones
A Global Organization

By early 2016, CULTIVA expands its support into Asia and Africa by opening offices to support our China, India, and Diaspora clients. In response to our efforts during this period, CULTIVA's CEO recieved the Virginia Certificate of Recognition for World Trade by then Governor Terry McAuliffe.

Oct 2018
CULTIVA Milestones
Expanding into Latin America

Less than a year after expanding our service offerings, we added a team of experts to perform market expansion assessments for clients exploring export services in new markets. CULTIVA Partners then opened a new office in Medellin, Colombia to continue our Latin American expansion.

Mar 2019
CULTIVA Milestones
ESG & Sustainability

The CULTIVA board adopts its Environmental, Social and Governance and sustainability strategy as a guide for all business engagements and integrates its principles into its operational execution plan that covers competitiveness, financial markets, growth, innovation, labor markets, natural resources, productivity, technology, and urbanization.

Feb 2020
CULTIVA Milestones
Think Tank Development

CULTIVA embraces the growing importance of not for profits, federal agencies, and many international NGOs by creating a practice dedicated to serving their needs. CULTIVA’s public sector services are organized into four divisions:
Business Assessment & Analytics, Workforce Efficiency, Compliance & Eco-Sustainability, and Information Technology.