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We are CULTIVA, One Global Vision – Four Divisions of Expertise

CULTIVATE: Both internally and externally, our teams seek to cultivate relationships and engagements through our collective expertise and our highly integrated and collaborative Divisions. We view our world and work as ever evolving and commit to assembling teams and teaming arrangements that allow us maximum flexibility and agility while ensuring real-time solutions are provided for our clients. We are a boutique firm with an intentional focus on delivering with a personal touch that cultivates our clients’ further success and a bond for future engagements as well. We’ve spent more than a decade developing a robust and rich international network of teaming partners, technical and professional experts, and resources to craft our response with operational exactness unparalleled.

INNOVATE: As disciplined project managers and process improvement experts, our approach integrates a high degree of flexibility, driving innovations that modernize our clients’ operations and minimize risk and cost excesses related to rigidity and antiquated processes. With most government projects becoming more complex and challenging in recent years, our teams of experts was assembled with unique but overlapping expertise to drive innovative strategies and techniques toward superior solutions. We are philosophically and functionally integrated to allow for innovative task analysis, scope construction and project delivery that is “client-centric” and “client-reflective”.

OPTIMIZE: The nature of public sector work necessitates a keen understanding of cost analysis and risk mitigation; our team expertly develops and executes projects with a watchful eye on both areas seeking to optimize resources and deliver expertly. Our proprietary approach leverages the required resources specifically curated to the project requirements and ensures maximum optimization with continuous monitoring and evaluating progress to capitalize on efficiencies and opportunities for greater impact.

TRANSFORM: Our fierce commitment to client-centric engagement that cultivates genuine business relationships, feeds our desire to partner with our client and customize to the task at hand, clearly defining the transformational opportunity and inviting in only the most elite of expertise to inform and drive delivery. This aligns directly to our global focus to do good. We seek out opportunities to have local impact for the greater global good, whether its in our work with workforces, business entities, emerging technologies, or global sustainability, we drive every engagement with an eye to positively transform. It starts with client acquisition, onboarding, and carries through project completion.


CULTIVA places a premium on teaming relationships with organizations that share our vision for providing value-added services to clients in the industries we serve. Our participating organizations, professional representations, business certificates, industry associations, and strategic partnerships are aligned with our clients’ needs. Our certifications have several benefits, and it is important to have an intimate and working knowledge of each one.

Our HUBZone Certification gives us a 10% pricing advantage over competitors’ bids on the same government contract. Consequently, when federal contracting officers purchase from GSA Advantage, often times a HUBZone reseller of a product is less expensive than the manufacturer because of this 10% price “discount”. Firms possessing HUBZone certification and have  GSA Schedules sell 350% more in terms of dollar volume than their small business peers.

HUBZone firms are also eligible to bid on set-aside contracts limiting the scope of competition to HUBZone-only certified firms. All branches of the federal government have a 3% HUBZone budgetary goal. The purchasing arms of all 600 federal agencies are constantly looking for HUBZone-designated firms with high-level expertise to meet these targets.

Large firms bidding on government contracts in excess of $550,000 must provide an allocation for HUBZone firm participation as part of the contract, and thus, being certified as a HUBZone firm inevitably leads to more subcontracting opportunities. While CULTIVA’s HUBZone certification is likely the most valuable, most government and corporate entities also limit competition through set-asides and sole-source contracts specifically for MBE registered minority-owned businesses.

More About Us

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Mission & Guiding Principles

Through our four integrated divisions, is our mission to drive optimization and transformation.
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Executive Leadership

CULTIVA has assembled a highly qualified Executive Leadership team, working with high profile clients & projects.
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Global Social Responsibility

To CULTIVA as a whole, Global Social Responsibility is simple, non-negotiable, and the right thing to do.