Global Social Responsibility

At CULTIVA GLOBAL SOLUTIONS, LLC, Global Social Responsibility/ESG is at the heart of the work we do and who we are.  Our Vision is anchored by a desire to be a force for global good and we act on this in every engagement we make and on every project we execute.  Through our client acquisition, our personnel decisions, and our own strategic relationships, we seek to partner with organizations and individuals desiring to make the future better for those that follow. In our Guiding Principles, we reflect our insistence on integrity, accountability, and inclusivity, respecting and inviting in all voices and viewpoints in our work.  Every member of our team is committed to these principles as the hallmark of ethical behavior, and we strive to bring our authentic and whole selves to every project and engagement. 

As a provider of Diverstiy, Equity, Inclusion & Access solutions and services, we drive continued focus and actions that ensure greater input from those of diverse, varied and non-traditional experiences, backgrounds and perspectives.  We seek out and deliver on opportunities that allow us to positively contribute to the movement to reduce artificial barriers to individual and group success. As a responsible global corporate citizen, we take care to remain cognizant of our energy- and carbon-constrained world and make decisions that mitigate our negative impact AND respect our obligations to future generations.  As a Sustainability, Compliance and Environmental solutions and services firm, we are hyper-vigilant in this regard and seek every opportunity to bring forward principles of efficiency and sustainability to our own work and our work on behalf of our clients.

As business and community leaders, our team is directly and continuously involved in our local, national and global communities.  As thought leaders, innovators and engaged citizens, we actively look a opportunities to positively impact the communities where we live, work and serve through a myriad of activities including; pro bono advisory boards, philanthropic works, coaching youth, mentoring programs, and community building activities domestically and abroad. 

Additionally, as a Minority Owned and registered Small Disadvantaged Business, we share our story and our experiences freely with others seeking to thrive and build in the business of their choosing.  Finally, as a consumer of goods and services, our firm is deliberate and intentional when engaging with partners, vendors and suppliers seeking to leverage our buying power to reinforce and promote the inclusion of underrepresented vendors, suppliers and partners. 

Global Social Responsibility – to us, it’s simple, it’s non-negotiable and it’s the right thing to do.  Join us.

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