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Innovation in the International Student Lifecycle

How do you use Big Data to develop your institutional strategy for international student recruitment? How do policy changes affect study abroad and exchange programs? How do we measure the success of international alumni programs?

CULTIVA provides our expertise with consultative support to promote international program success.  Ongoing economic pressures and a changing marketplace are causing higher education institutions and their leaders to think differently. Institutional leaders must pursue innovative strategies and technologies that can define the path forward and rally stakeholders around a shared vision. CULTIVA has worked with multiple higher education institutions and workforce development companies to establish a stronger foundation for innovation. 

Collaboration Success

With our recent African Union Higher Education Summit we brought together over 100 Colleges, Universities, and US government partners to provide strategy, research collaborations, and capital solutions.

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Innovation in Public and Private Partnerships

There has been a recent push for colleges and universities to adapt their academic portfolios to keep pace with student and skill demand. Evolving student and employer preferences present institutions with an opportunity to rethink not only what they offer, but also how and where they provide it.

Education providers are expanding their presence through partnerships, such as 2U’s alliance with WeWork and Harvard Business Publishing’s alliance with the LinkedIn Learning Platform. Institutions that start envisioning tomorrow’s education delivery today will be best suited to thrive even as the competitive landscape becomes more crowded.  Implementing these programs successfully means a collaborative effort with multiple public and private partners.  Leaders should be conscious of positioning efforts to evolve education delivery as core to their institutions’ academic strategy, rather than isolated auxiliary initiatives. Making transformation a priority and successfully piloting it will not only help spark greater collaboration, but also make it easier to scale across the enterprise. 


Case Study - Dalit Solidarity india

 One of the many ways Global CULTIVA supports international education is by supporting international schools in need.  

Although there are laws that prohibit the discrimination towards the "lower Caste" or those of Dalit standing it is still very difficult for young Dalit women to receive an education.  

During our most recent project was with Dalit Solidarity through the USAID, we facilitated a federal grant acquisition for Dalit Solidarity allowing for a new building to be developed to support the students and administration.  

The CULTIVA team worked with the education institution to identify the right grants and funding available and then supported the grant writing, auditing, governance development, and business development assistance needed. Once awarded  the CULTIVA team supported the project management, M&E, and grant administration activities needed.

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