CULTIVA's Integrated Approach

In order to develop effective strategies and solutions, our team of Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) and specialists have been organized into four highly-integrated and supportive service divisions:

  • Business Development & Analytics
  • Workforce Transformation & Optimization
  • Sustainability, Compliance, & Environmental Services
  • Information Technology & Communications

Our business model promotes collaboration among experts in different disciplines who approach problem solving from different perspectives. This approach enhances CULTIVA’s ability to develop comprehensive solutions, helps to avoid “group think”, and allows us to play a range of roles in teaming arrangements with our partners.  To promote collaboration among the 4 divisions, they have been woven together with several common threads that promote collaboration among the divisions and the development of solutions and strategies with high degrees of resiliency.

Business people sitting and discussing graphs and data

Business Development & Analytics

Our business development team has special expertise in financial assessment and marketing.
Three people sitting and discussing

Workforce Transformation & Optimization

Our workforce team has special expertise in optimizing staff capabilities to increase business effectiveness.
Two people looking at the computer screen

Sustainability, Compliance, & the Environment

Our sustainability & environmental team has special expertise in resiliency and climate change consulting.
Two people walking and talking to each other while looking at the laptop screen

Communications & Information Technology

Our communications and IT team has special expertise in software development and technology solutions.

A Public Sector Focus

Federal, state, and local government entities often organize their relevant sectors differently according to their regulatory responsibilities.  With this in mind, CULTIVA’s 4 primary service verticals were developed and staffed to ensure our team would possess a high degree of flexibility.

Our team’s collective experience covers a wide range of sectors, as each member of the management team has an extensive background in federal, state, and local government contracting.  We also have strategic partnerships with 3 of the top 10 largest staffing agencies to ensure we can quickly assemble highly qualified teams of any size on a moment’s notice.

  • Agriculture
  • Business Services
  • Commercial Facilities
  • Communications
  • Construction
  • Defense
  • Education
  • Emergency Response
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Sustainability
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Information Technology
  • Infrastructure
  • Law Enforcement
  • Legal Services
  • Nature Resources
  • Transportation