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CULTIVA Global Solutions, LLC, (CULTIVA) is a boutique management consultancy specializing in the design and delivery of services that catalyze impactful and positive change for our clients and our world.  CULTIVA began as an independent management and technical consulting organization focused on fostering education innovation by bringing together teams of highly skilled professionals.

Over their careers, our Leadership Team and SMEs have been involved in some numerous high-profile and complex projects, large and small.  Our grants and contracts have ranged from less than $100,000 to more than $100 million, and we have served as both the prime contractor and subcontractor with many teaming arrangements and partners.

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Market Entry Planning, Matchmaking and Trade Missions

Our Business Development team has broad experiences in public and private sector business development activities including international market entry planning and trade mission planning and execution. As a lead agency in the highly collaborative Prosper Africa Build Together Campaign, a Biden-Harris Initiative, our Firm’s leadership has partnered with the Prosper Africa Secretariat team to manage and coordinate several Listening Sessions for the Prosper Africa Leadership teams to engage with various businesses across the Diaspora to support their business growth in Africa. These various sessions brought together the Prosper Africa Secretariat team, participating agency representatives, and diversified groups of Diaspora-led SMEs to share information about the services and resources available through the USG and to explore how we can all work together more effectively to bolster mutually beneficial trade and investment across Africa. These sessions allowed for candid conversations related to new areas of opportunity for the USG to consider, as well as ascertain whether current resources should be adapted to maximize such opportunities. 

SuperStorm Sandy Emergency Disaster Relief Services

In the immediate aftermath of “Superstorm Sandy”, our operational development experts were called on to design and develop a 24/7 system of disaster relief for Weill Cornell Medical School’s nearly 10,000 displaced employee’s and families.  Leveraging call center capabilities, integrative platform technologies, human resource and benefit experts, crisis counselors, and community service providers, as well as regional and national disaster relief programs, we designed and delivered “Disaster Relief Services” within 48 hour of our client’s outreach.  Services included access to emergency relief, housing resources, child and eldercare, transportation assistance, logistics support to the institution and its departments, supply management and counseling.    

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Integrated Employee Benefits Platform

Our Division Director has led a multitude of projects combining human resource practices with technological solutions including the development and launch of an integrated employee benefits platform uniting all benefits; employer sponsored, voluntary and community based into one integrated platform allowing employees to access a comprehensive view of all benefits available based on life events.  With the foreshadowed migration to remote and hybrid workplaces, this mobile-optimized platform revolutionized the access, awareness and utilization of employee benefits driving greater employee satisfaction, retention, and loyalty to employer.

Organizational Optimization & Transformation Assessment, Department of Commerce, Office of Inspector General

Our team was deployed to conduct an organizational assessment and evaluation of programs and operations as a mechanism for identifying and responding to enterprise risk, process improvement and increased human capital effectiveness. This effort included the development of customized enterprise-wide diagnostic assessment, facilitation of group and individual interview and survey, process audits and documentation as well as policy and procedural reviews. 

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Professional Coaching and Leadership Development

With development projects across the country in colleges and universities, the armed services and federal agencies,  our team of Professional Coaches (ICF) and workforce development experts have coached and mentored hundreds of current and future leaders.  Combined with our learning and development experts and our technology advisors, we have worked with individuals and teams to transform and modernize “leadership” within the administrations and agencies shaping our world.  Projects with the US Navy, Department of Commerce and USAID have deployed our teams to provide technical and professional coaching in combination with team development and advancement.

Learning and Development Course Catalogs

With a team of Learning and Development experts and certified Executive Coaches, our Workforce Optimization & Transformation Division has developed, led and delivered enterprise-wide, group and individual learning and development activities across the globe including Jamaica, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Canada, China, Mexico, Peru, and England.  With clients ranging in workforce size of global enterprise, public sector and small business, our team has produced volumes of course curriculums, training programs and experiential learning engagements.  Most recently, the team has worked with American Small Business Development Centers to develop a comprehensive course catalog of interactive webinars focused on Human Resource Practices, Workforce Compliance, and Talent Development for small businesses nationally.

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MSI STEM Research Development Consortium (MSRDC)

In partnership with the US Department of Army, the MSI STEM Research & Development Consortium (MSRDC) supports and stimulates STEM related research at Minority Serving Institutions for real-world application to real-world problems to maintain and enhance the technological dominance of the United States in a competitive world.

MSRDC is a unique organization, delivering transformative capabilities to historically underserved markets.  This creates an interesting dichotomy, where MSRDC is challenged to establish both supply and demand for its market.  The CULTIVA team provided support to refine its long-term vision, and shape a strategic approach.

Department of Commerce OIG

The Department of Commerce Office of the Inspector General seeks to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Department’s programs and operations and prevent and detect fraud, waste, and abuse. The OIG”s Office of Audit and Evaluation (OAE) conducts audits and evaluations of the Department’s programs and operations, including the annual review of the Department’s compliance with improper payment requirements. The OIG has evaluated the Department’s compliance with improper payment requirements annually since 2011.

On December, 20, 2019, the OIG initiated a review to determine whether the Department complied with the Improper Payments Information Act of 2002, as amended by the Improper Payments Elimination and Recovery Act of 2010 and the Improper Payments Elimination and Recovery Improvement Act of 2012. OIG’s review is required to be completed and the report on compliance issued by May 15, 2020.

Our team successfully provided technical expertise and support to OIG OAE audit team. OIG was provided full-time subject matter experts (SMEs) in assisting audit team to determine the Department’s compliance with improper payment requirements for FY 2019.

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Port Everglades Environmental Compliance Audit
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

CULTIVA’s team of seaport and airport environmental engineers and scientists have been involved in small- and large-scale projects at more than 30 airports in 11 states., most of which are located along the eastern seaboard. One of the busiest is Port Everglades, where our team spent more than 2 years conducting a facility-wide compliance audit to create an environmental management system (EMS) designed to simplify their operations and improve their role as a steward of South Florida’s intercoastal waterways.

EPA Brownfields Redevelopment
Eastern United States

With consultation from one of our newest team members, The River’s Edge project opened on the former Traverse City Iron Works site along the Boardman River.

The 7-acre site had sat empty since 1984 due to contamination by iron slag, leaking fuel and other chemicals throughout the property. The state approved more than $3.5 million in tax capture financing for the project;

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Strategic Workforce Planning and Support Services, University of Virginia

With a broad client base of both public and private industry clients and a strong history of work in academia, our team is frequently engaged in strategic workforce planning and development.  In 2018, CUTLIVA received approval to provide a series of services and supports through a cooperative contract in effect for all public and private institutions of higher education for a ten-year period.  The services included are:  executive coaching, organizational development, group facilitation, transition planning, strategic advisory and analysis services, and policy development.  Our team began strategic planning work with the University of Virginia partnering with leadership to develop and deliver a framework for international student recruitment expansion that included workforce and faculty planning, market research, curriculum development, resource planning and policy development.

SHRM’s Thrive 360 Organizational Functional Assessment and Plan Pilot

In 2019, one of CULTIVA’s leading human resource and organizational design experts, participated in the development and implementation of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) newest enterprise-wide functional assessment – “THIRVE 360” – pilot and launch.  Managing over 25 organizational assessments, planning sessions and follow up projects with varying global enterprise clients including; Coborn’s Inc., Loew’s Hotels,  City of Henderson, Lockheed Martin, Siemens,  JBS USA, and others, one of our project leaders and human capital strategists engaged with executive leadership, CHRO’s and workforces to identify alignment between an organization’s human capital, its business objectives and the roles and responsibilities of the human resource function.  This overall project included developing, delivering and assessing the efficacy of the organizational model, survey tools, data analytics,  and client engagement touchpoints to inform the final model and launch globally.   Yielding comprehensive and evidence-based assessments and recommended actions, this pilot served to solidify the ultimate model and ultimate launch to SHRM members and their organizations dramatically changing the association’s ability to support and serve global enterprise clients.

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NASA Michoud Assembly Facility, New Orleans, Louisiana NASA, Boeing, Jacobs

Key responsibilities included the assessment of site infrastructure,  including an energy assessments, energy reduction planning, HVAC efficiency, environmental compliance, and preparation of a facilities conditional management report. More recently, our engineers provided reliability engineering to evaluate Cell D, the manufacturing unit for designing and manufacturing rocket external tanks. Additional projects are currently in development.

Planning and Ecological Services, Upper Mississippi River Army Corp of Engineers, St. Louis District

Numerous planning studies and engineering assessments for the US Army Corps of Engineering. The projects were completed under the contract and included a Fish Passage Improvements Ecosystem Restoration Plan and a Flood Plain Management Services Program (FPMS), as well as Collating and analyzing information on geomorphology, soils, elevation/topography related to flood frequency contours, and river and floodplain hydrology.

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Eco-Sustainability Feasibility Study
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

From 2012 to the present, commercial development has been rapidly expanding along Cabo San Lucas’ Pacific Coast.  This highly-sensitive area has been designated by the government and developers as a test-ground for the integration of eco-sustainability solutions to reduce the operational carbon footprint.  Cultiva’s Environmental Director conducted a eco-sustainability feasibility study for a planned community that integrated large-scale solar and wind power, along with more than 10 other sustainability technologies.

Fukushima Radiation Assessment Japan Atomic Energy Agency

The Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011 caused most of the top research organizations and universities in Japan to conduct extensive research to assess the aftermath. This included the testing of portable radiation detection systems, helicopter-based air quality testing equipment, emergency evacuation systems, and crop-radiation update measuring devices. Peer reviews of research were also performed involving radioactive decay monitoring, air-dose rate analysis, topsoil absorption modeling, radiocesium contamination of crops, and in-situ stabilization of radiation-contaminated groundwater.

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Curacao Retail store and the sea

Vision Curacao 2030: Sustainability Study
Lesser Antilles, Caribbean Sea

This project was completed in 2020 and involved the analysis of seven key aspects most likely to affect the Curacao’s social fabric from 2020 to 2030, including government and governance, food and climate change, healthcare, community health, science and education, technology, and the economy.  With these criteria, 4 future scenarios were evaluated, ranging from a completely centralized society and economy to a completely decentralized model.  These different models were applied to the island’s infrastructure, including its harbors and airports, utilities, roads, healthcare, education, and law enforcement to predict how society would function under different types of stressors, and mitigation strategies were then developed.

Biodiesel & Ethanol Feasibility Studies Southeastern United States

From 2011-2017, one of Cultiva’s leading engineers conducted feasibility studies for multiple biodiesel and ethanol production companies. Among the analysis conducted in the studing were crop yield comparison analysis, stress testing of market price fluctuations and production costs, and relative changes in supply and demand for biodiesel, ethanol, and their byproducts generated during the  production and refinement processes

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Veterans Affairs (Office of Information & Technology (OI&T))

The mission of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Office of Information & Technology (OI&T) is to provide benefits and services to Veterans of the United States.  In meeting these goals, OI&T strives to provide high quality, effective, and efficient Information Technology (IT) services to those responsible for providing care to the Veterans at the point-of-care as well as throughout all the points of the Veterans’ health care in an effective, timely and compassionate manner.  VA depends on Information Management/Information Technology (IM/IT) systems to meet mission goals. The VA OI&T Enterprise Program Management Office, Benefits Appeals and Memorials (BAM) Portfolio delivers world-class, veteran-centric capabilities that provide secure, seamless delivery of benefits and services to veterans and their families.  The BAM portfolio consists of a variety of products, programs, and projects that deliver Veteran-centric technology solutions that are available, adaptable, secure, and cost-effective.  The CULTIVA team engaged as a Senior Strategic Advisor to the BAM Portfolio providing project and program management support for the BAM Portfolio, Program/Projects, and Sustainment activities. Major work areas include administrative support, meeting support, capital planning and investment, communications, technical writing, configuration management, onboarding, functional analysis, implementation management, release management, schedule support, strategic analysis, engineering and technical support.

Department of Interior (Bureau of Safety Environmental Enforcement/ Office of Renewable Energy Programs)

The Office of Renewable Energy Programs facilitates the responsible development of renewable energy resources on the Outer Continental Shelf through conscientious planning, stakeholder engagement, comprehensive environmental analysis, and sound technical review.  Our project team engaged across the organization to comprehensively understand the data management needs of BOEM’s renewable energy program and gather the requirements for an information management solution. The solution will be an integrated system capable of managing all information and data related to the renewable energy leasing process from pre-leasing to decommissioning. This includes review of data and plans, correspondence tracking, data management, official records, and compliance.

The project encompasses three broad tasks:

  1. Investigation by the Contractor to understand all aspects of OREP business functions and to document business processes.
  2. Gather and document the requirements for future development of a consolidated information management system for OREP
  3. Make software and hardware recommendations for a future integrated information management system
A view of the exterior of the building
A view of the exterior of a building

Veterans Benefits Administration (VA) PMO

The mission of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Office of Information & Technology (OI&T) is to provide benefits and services to Veterans of the United States.  In meeting these goals, OI&T strives to provide high quality, effective, and efficient Information Technology (IT) services to those responsible for providing care to the Veterans at the point-of-care as well as throughout all the points of the Veterans’ health care in an effective, timely and compassionate manner. VA depends on Information Management/Information Technology (IM/IT) systems to meet mission goals. The CULTIVA team was contracted to provide project and program management support for the VA OI&T Enterprise Program Management Office, Benefits Appeals and Memorials (BAM) Portfolio, Program/Projects, and Sustainment activities. Major work areas included administrative support, meeting support, capital planning and investment, communications, technical writing, configuration management, onboarding, functional analysis, implementation management, release management, schedule support, strategic analysis, engineering, and technical support.

Graduate School, USA

An independent, nonprofit educational institution based in Washington, DC, Graduate School USA offers workforce training and Professional development services across the U.S. and around the world. As Graduate School USA is exploring opportunities to expand its capabilities to manage and improve the learning experience for their clients/students, the CULTIVA project team was contracted to select and implement a Student Information System (SIS) and Learning Management System (LMS) software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of electronic educational technology courses or training programs for their clients. Our project manager worked with internal stakeholders, the SIS partner, and other vendors to help establish a project plan for a successful implementation.

The exterior of a medical center building
The exterior of an Internal Revenue Service

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) Business Modernization

FSIS requires objective and independent guidance on the integration of technology, standards and guidelines for adoption across offices as part of enterprise modernization. Our team provided business process modeling and enterprise modernization support providing independent expert technical support in developing this analysis and in guiding post-reorganization business modernization.

IRS Cloud Solution Acquisition Support

The IRS researching the potential use of a “multi-cloud” ecosystem that may leverage a combination of on-premise, third-party, and public cloud services that can be leveraged and managed across multiple service platforms. This conceptionally innovative multi-cloud would offer the IRS greater flexibility and more application deployment options to support multiple workloads and workflows. The IRS Cloud Vision is to adopt Cloud Technologies to enable the delivery of secure, agile, and efficient service offerings to the enterprise and the taxpayer. The CULTIVA team supported the acquisition activities by assessing and identify latest technology innovations and best practices to migrate from on-premise to the Cloud – including tools, architectural, application, and data considerations.

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