Apply for Internships

internship application

Interested in an internship in the US, Canada, China, or India? We have a great program that supports our qualified students every step of the way.

Scholarship Support

scholarship application

Finding the right scholarship is time consuming. Our team works with you to find the right scholarships that match your needs.

College Application Support

college application support

Most of our students are applying for the first time to a college outside of their home country. The process can be confusing and details missed can cause a college application to be rejected. We are here to help.

Student Advising

student advising

Assistance needed with your transition? Help with choosing your major? We provide the resources to help you succeed.

Student Life Balance

Work life balance support

We are here to help you succeed through the college experience. We provide resources to support stress management and work/life balance.

Learn how our Student Advising has impacted Keika's career back in Japan.

College graduate McKenna's shares her CULTIVA internship experience success