Supporting Students from Application to Graduation

College Application Support

college application support

Most of our students are applying for the first time to a college outside of their home country. The process can be confusing and details missed can cause a college application to be rejected. We are here to help.

Scholarship Support

scholarship application

Finding the right scholarship is time consuming. Our team works with you to find the right scholarships that match your needs.

Apply for the 2019 Internship Program


Interested in applying for the exclusive 2019 Leadership Initiative Internship Program? Held at Georgetown in Washington DC, the program hosts the top law, international business, and medical degree seeking students.

Graduation Transition Support


You are graduating and now what? Our team provides a roadmap to support your transition as an international student from resources to support stress management to mentorship assistance.

Student Information

Liuni's explains the support provided while studying at a US University.

Learn how our Student Advising has impacted Keika's career back in Japan.

College graduate McKenna's shares her  internship experience success