Our Story

 We’ve developed an environment that’s fun, collaborative, globally minded and local impact driven. We believe that our work can and should be aligned to our personal and collective mission! 

In 2011 CULTIVA was started by James Gordon driven by his international work and wanting to provide an independent platform for international development initiatives. Based in Northern Virginia, CULTIVA engaged with several  local Universities to support workforce development initiatives and began to expand its solution development to public and private partnerships, non profit collaborations for economic development initiatives, and with state and federal workforce development campaigns. In 2016 CULTIVA expanded its support internationally engaging in workforce development and international education initiatives in partnerships in Africa, South America, and Asia.

In 2020 our mission remains the same: provide excellence to our team, our customers, and our partners.  We surround ourselves with a leadership team and employees that live our core values and are experts at what they do. The belief is that consultants who live these values can continue to solve tomorrow’s challenges through innovation and hard work. We are deeply committed to the success of the organization—which means the success of our clients. 


Our Team

James M Gordon

James M Gordon

James M Gordon


 President/CEO and Founder

James M Gordon is the President/CEO and Founder of CULTIVA Solutions. He has over 20 years of experience in developing innovative solutions in the public and private sectors.

Eric Myers ESQ

James M Gordon

James M Gordon


Chief Legal Officer / Partner

Eric Myers, ESQ is Chief Legal Officer and Partner of CULTIVA Solutions. He has over 20 years of  industry experience and leading international projects in North and South America, and the Caribbean.

Meet the CULTIVA Consultant Team

We work collaboratively with leaders and executives to promote your journey to success and drive competitive advantage for your organization.  With CULTIVA consultants, you gain:

  • Exceptional insight...

...From industry leaders, each with 15+ years of experience and program expertise.

  • Trustworthy advice...

...From advocates who have already assisted organizations in achieving successful outcomes.

  • Seasoned guidance...

...From specialists who help you catalyze change, improve quality, and sustain higher performance.

  • Tailored services...

...To protect your financial and operational investments and meet needs within budget.