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International Recruitment

International recruitment support

Our team works with your enrollment, admissions, and faculty to intimately understand your international enrollment needs and support your recruitment goals.

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Strategic Planning

strategic planning for academic institutions

It takes a plan to navigate the international education market. Our team has supported strategic planning initiatives for education institutions globally.

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Academic Advising

academic advising for the education market

Our team of Solution Architects have supported higher education in everything from curriculum development to workforce development alignment initiatives at the state and federal level. 

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International Recruitment

International Recruitment

The OECD estimates the total number of international students worldwide will exceed 8 million by 2025. How is your University maximizing this opportunity to expand the University's mission?

While many admissions professionals continue to travel to distant corners of the world for uncertain returns, there is a growing understanding that emerging  marketing techniques can deliver more effective results for far less of an investment. By embracing these new mediums, colleges can better control their communications and branding, reducing reliance on external agents while developing more flexible and customized management of the admissions process. Implementing these types of initiatives successfully requires a willingness to adapt to rapidly shifting student engagement expectations, understanding not only the continuous advances in available technological tools but the cultural nuances of various target markets.

Going global takes more than just talking the talk – many higher ed institutions passively court foreign students with little more than an international page on their website and perhaps some “one-size-fits all” attempts at social media or PPC ads in other markets. While this might be enough for super-brands like Harvard, the vast majority of colleges and universities with international enrollment increases cite active recruitment as the reason for their success. 

As a Higher Education Institution learn how you can use our existing US cooperative contract for international recruitment.

Learn How CULTIVA Supported University of Mary Washington's International Recruitment Goals

strategic planning team

Strategic Planning

An Execution Framework

A strategy is not a strategy unless it can be executed within the resources and relevance of the existing environment. We believe that education institutions are at a crossroads of meeting increased economic and stakeholder demands, and the alignment to the institutions mission has become critical in the validation of decision making. 

This is why the CULTIVA team has dedicated ourselves to provide relevant, up to date, information to support the strategic development process. From our corporate and federal relationships, to our network of education partners and clients, our strategy team supports the facilitation, development, and delivery of strategy throughout the education organization. 

We have provided strategic planning for several of the top Universities and education providers internationally that has led to efficient execution of the academic and administrative bodies of institutions; with clear communication plans that empower all levels of the education institution to fulfill the mission.

As a Higher Education Institution learn how you can use our existing US cooperative contract for strategic planning services. 

UNCF Case Study

Review our case study brief on the support provided for UNCF Special Programs that led to their reorganization for greater efficiency in reaching their students.

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Academic Advising

Curriculum Development

In many countries, the traditional curriculum consists of a set of content items, most commonly knowledge and information, which is prescribed by a central authority. This authority expects the prescribed content to be taught and learned by all students, in all schools, often in the same prescribed sequence and at a prescribed pace. This traditional model has been challenged with increasing intensity over recent decades.  Our team helps to navigate these changes for alignment to the demands of the 21st Century workforce.

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Workforce Readiness

The education institution that is actively engaged in the development of a skilled workforce that can attract investment, fill highly skilled jobs, form the foundation of a strong state economy.  Our team helps to align all of the necessary stakeholders for the development and execution of a sustainable program. 

As a Higher Education Institution learn how you can use our existing US cooperative contract for services. 

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Business Operations

We recognize each service function has a role in creating an environment of accountability and fiscal controls across an institution. Our team partners with you to develop strategies to operate more efficiently and effectively — assessing the use of resources, establishing business processes and workflows and identifying opportunities to utilize technology. 

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