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From our newest office located in Washington DC we help public sector and mission-driven organizations build operational excellence, deliver better outcomes and lower costs.

We help public sector leaders drive sustained operational excellence within their organizations, so they can better deliver on their public and social goals. Our proven approach and tools, used by dozens of clients have delivered 5-10X ROI to our clients to date. 


Operational Support

Streamline processes, lower costs, and use data to make better decisions. 


Operational Improvement Solutions include:

  • Cost Benchmarking and Cost Reduction – Understand your cost structure and true cost drivers, and identify cost reduction opportunities
  • Process Analysis and Improvement – Identify the activities and processes truly needed to deliver mission outcomes, eliminate wasteful / duplicative activities, and optimize inefficient processes
  • Data-Driven Decision Making – Instill a data-driven culture and tools to drive smarter operational decision-making at all levels of the organization
  • Program Analysis and Performance Improvement – Ensure programs are aligned with agency mission and set up to effectively deliver against that mission
  • Support Function and Infrastructure Optimization – Optimize overhead and administrative costs by streamlining mission support functions (Acquisition, HR, IT, Finance, Facilities & Fleet, etc.)

Strategy and Analysis

 Define measurable outcomes & KPIs, and develop executable strategies and plans. 

Our Strategy, Outcomes and Measurement Solutions include:

  • Outcome Definition and Alignment – Identify what success looks like by engaging the perspectives of various stakeholders
  • Strategic Planning and Execution – Make a plan to achieve a program’s desired results, and arrange and implement activities by priority and time to completion
  • Performance Metrics and Benchmarking – Determine outcomes-driven performance metrics and set targets that are informed by internal and external benchmarks
  • Data-Driven Measurement and Performance Management – Manage resources and budget to improve performance

Human Capital

Set up the right organization design, optimize the workforce, and get the most from the team. 

Our Human Capital Strategy Solutions include:

  • Workforce Planning – Determine current and future workforce needs
  • Organizational Effectiveness – Get the most form the workforce and position the workforce for success
  • Talent Management – Acquire and maintain the optimal workforce

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