Team Capabilities, Client Experience, & Projects


Based in Northern Virginia, at the epi-center of federal government operations, CULTIVA has responded to the needs of both public and private sector clients of varying size and concerns.  Combining our experienced leadership team with an elite bench of subject matter experts and an internationally recognized fleet of strategic partners, we offer a unique balance of experience and experienced resources to every project we tackle. 

Each Division is led by a senior level executive with decades of expansive project work in both the public and private sectors, across a diversity of industries and economies, addressing the most pressing and emergent issues of our client base regardless of size and scope. With a particular focus on our government sector clients, we’ve tackled regulatorily complex projects that drive modernization and transformation.  Through our private enterprise engagements, we’ve leveraged technologies and established relationships that drive innovation and  optimization.

In the end, our ability to combine the necessary resources, develop appropriate scope for each the project and execute on solutions with high levels of client satisfaction, budget adherence and quality optimization, comes from our capacity to leverage the right resources for the right solution without frivolity or waste.  The result is a Management Firm with experience, expertise and relationships to offer a robust and growing portfolio of capabilities that responds to the needs of our clients today and tomorrow. 

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Team Capabilities

CULTIVA’s team of SMEs have a wide variety of important skills that have been developed over their careers.
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Client Experience

CULTIVA’s leadership team has led & managed projects for many government agencies & private sector clients.
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Project Portfolio

CULTIVA’s team of SMEs has been involved in some numerous high-profile and complex projects.

Highly Qualified Partners & Subcontractors

CULTIVA prides itself on the quality and diversity of its strategic partnerships and subcontracting allies.  Using a proprietary and robust vetting process to align with the subject matter expertise needed to respond to the specific and unique needs of our clients, CULTIVA assembles its project teams with the necessary intelligence to fully grasp and respond to the challenge at hand. 

Our bench of subject matter experts and strategic partners continuously evolves as our projects and clients evolve.  We continuously vet and welcome on new expertise as our client base and projects expand, if you are interested in learning more about partnering with us, contact us.

Prime Contracting & Subcontracting Flexibility

As a certified HUBZone and Small Disadvantaged Business, CULTIVA understands the importance collaboration and integration with like-minded and qualified partners through PRIME and Subcontracting activities.  Our international network of teaming partners and allied agencies allows us to tackle even the most robust and rigorous of projects as we bring to bear the finest and most well-respected consulting partners to the table with us.   We are continuously evaluating and collaborating with others through PRIME and Subcontracting opportunities.  If you are interested in learning how your agency can team with us, contact us.

Large-Scale Project Experience

CULTIVA is proud of its large-scale project experience.  Through our Integrated Project Teams (IPT), we assemble and offer cross-functional and multi-discipline expertise that successfully responds to even the most complex and regulatorily difficult projects.  Our work with large governmental agencies and projects such as USAID’s Prosper Africa, the Office of the Inspector General and the Department of Defense, along with global enterprise clients and college and universities such as the University of Virginia, has prepared our leadership and project managers to tackle any project regardless of size and scope. Interested in working with our team, contact us.