Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is the development of a solid framework to achieve your strategic goals.

Cultiva has assisted clients globally in the private and government sector in the strategic planning process

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SWOT Analysis

A SWOT Analysis identifies your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats internally and in relation to the environment. By assessing your current position and comparing it with your goals, mission, and vision, we can then generate an action plan.

Goal Analysis, Vision & Mission

A comprehensive review of your goals, your vision, mission and educational philosophy allows us to determine the direction in which your institution should be heading.

GAP Analysis

A GAP Analysis is the comprehensive analysis of differences between the current and the desired state of your institution. During the process we try to consider a broad range of aspects, e.g. quality of the faculty, student academic levels, financial situation, buildings, equipment, and facilities.

Action Plan

After gaps between your goals and the current situation are determined, CULTIVA can develop a detailed, step-by-step action plan to eliminate deficits and move all performance indicators closer to your strategic goals.


Senior consultants at CULTIVA can rely on decades of experience in working in the educational sector. This experience we would like to bring to the table for our next engagement with you.


CULTIVA applies industry best practices and proven methodologies to everything we do. We believe that education should be at the basis of building schools in the 21st century.


In today's global economy it becomes more and more important to develop partnerships to secure long term successes. CULTIVA enables you to connect with parties with the same strategic goals.
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