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Cultiva has provided formation services to a variety of businesses from K-12 schools and colleges to businesses and non-profits.

We have assisted in starting new schools all over the world, for example, in the USA, Cayman Islands, China, or Africa.

Our Services

Market Analysis

As part of our market analysis we typically consider the following:
- Analysis of the boundaries that the school will serve
- Demographic analysis of the size of the target market regarding income, race/ethnicity, education levels
- Analysis of the current educational options

Site Planning

As part of the site planning process, we typically perform:
- Compilation of possible building or property locations
- Analysis in regards to parking, traffic, target market, public transportation, etc.
- Analysis of local and state regulatory requirements
- Client support during the acquisition process.

Business Plan

The creation of a rock-solid business plan is crucial for securing the funding to get your school started. You can business plan templates and experience to make your proposal a success.

Action Plan

Building a school from scratch requires a lot of planning. Let us help you develop an action plan that considers:
- Acquisition of faculty members
- Hiring of administrative and maintenance personnel
- Building and improvement projects
- Applications and other formalities
- A step-by-step time schedule for go-live.


Senior consultants at Cultiva Solutions can rely on decades of experience in working in the educational sector. This experience we would like to bring to the table for our next engagement with you.


Cultiva Solutions applies industry best practices and proven methodiologies to everything we do. We believe that education should be at the basis of building schools in the 21st century.


In today's global economy it becomes more and more important to develop partnerships to secure long term successes. Cultiva enables you to connect with parties with the same strategic goals.
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