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You can rely on CULTIVA's experience and international connections when it comes to buying, selling, or merging schools. Let us guide and support you through the process.

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Compile List of Prospects

For acquisitions and mergers CULTIVA can generate a list of prospective schools. You can leverage our international partnerships for potential buyers for the sale of your school.


In the evaluation process, we perform a detailed analysis of potential schools for mergers and acquisitions, or potentials buyers of your school.


CULTIVA can create a targeted marketing campaign for the successful sale of your school.


CULTIVa's senior consultants can guide you through the acquisition, merger, or sales process and make sure the transaction is completed as planned.


Senior consultants at CULTIVA can rely on decades of experience in working in the educational sector. This experience we would like to bring to the table for our next engagement with you.


CULTIVA applies industry best practices and proven methodologies to everything we do. We believe that education should be at the basis of building schools in the 21st century.


In today's global economy it becomes more and more important to develop partnerships to secure long term successes. CULTIVA enables you to connect with parties with the same strategic goals.
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