School Management Services

CULTIVA can be your trusted partner to support you in school management and operations tasks.

Our Services

Planning Services

Our planning services include:
- Planning of new educational programs
- Planning of the staff's professional development
- Planning for accounting, financial reporting, budget and audits.
- Planning for school improvement projects.

Operations Services

Let CULTIVA take over some of the school operations services, for example:
- Supporting the staff hiring and interviewing process
- Supporting the marketing process
- Supporting the staff's professional development
- Supporting any other operational activity that may not require certification

Monitoring Services

CULTIVA can partner up with you to perform monitoring services such as:
- Monitoring of the quality of the educational programs
- Monitoring the school's performance indicators in relation to strategic goals
- Overseeing accreditation.

Communication Services

Let CULTIVA's experienced professional assist you in communication services, such as:
- Parent communications
- administrative communication to staff
- public relations.


Senior consultants at CULTIVA can rely on decades of experience in working in the educational sector. This experience we would like to bring to the table for our next engagement with you.


CULTIVA applies industry best practices and proven methodologies to everything we do. We believe that education should be at the basis of building schools in the 21st century.


In today's global economy it becomes more and more important to develop partnerships to secure long term successes. CULTIVA enables you to connect with parties with the same strategic goals.
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