Institutional Assessments

Let us perform a 360-degree of your institution in order to identify deficits and develop an action plan to address them.

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360-degree Analysis

At the basis of our institutional assessment is an analysis of all performance aspects, for example:
- Level of student education
- Leadership assessment
- Review of staff and administration
- Satisfaction level of student and parents
- Review of infrastructure and operations
- Review of financial indicators.

Assessment Report

The deliverable from our analysis phase is a comprehensive report documenting all our findings including specific recommendations.

Review with Leadership

After the analysis phase is completed we meet with board and leadership in order to discuss the results and agree on plan to move forward.

Action Plan

Based on our findings we can develop a step-by-step action plan to address deficits and move your institution closer to your strategic goals.


Senior consultants at CULTIVA can rely on decades of experience in working in the educational sector. This experience we would like to bring to the table for our next engagement with you.


CULTIVA applies industry best practices and proven methodologies to everything we do. We believe that education should be at the basis of building schools in the 21st century.


In today's global economy it becomes more and more important to develop partnerships to secure long term successes. CULTIVA enables you to connect with parties with the same strategic goals.
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