Strategies for Successful Talent Pipeline Management

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In April 29, 2016
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In today’s marketplace success and future requires that every organization warrants talent pipeline management. Talent pipeline management is seen as a core business strategy and the key reason for strategic approach is the fact the top management have realized that if people are the competitive backbone of a company, a more formal approach at the strategic and executive levels need to be developed to ensure that the right people are in the right jobs at the time.

The issue of talent pipeline management is becoming a major factor since it is anticipated that boomers soon begin retiring in larger numbers. Talent management is not something that can wait, but action needs to be taken right away. Some of the strategies applied across the continent in the area of talent management include:

A wider search range

Organizations begin to look at candidates beyond their geographic region including seeking out candidates in other countries. There are many local employers who target internationally based workers and have successfully filled skill gaps in the organization. Governments both provincial and federal have created specific programs to help companies in this task.

Increase usage of search professionals

The process of identifying and searching candidates in a global market place is beyond the skills of in house personnel. It requires more energy and time than possible for many people in these positions. Today search professionals have raised their ability to market opportunities beyond local geographic regions through a combination of modern technology and print advertising.

Approach that is out of the box

Many organizations and companies are beginning to pay more attention to transferable skills, in particular at the senior levels. Employers are looking beyond candidates with industry specific skills to those in other sectors of the industry. This approach is perceived to provide opportunities to learned lessons in other industries.

Focus on soft skills

Executive level professionals fail frequently due to lack of soft skills. This includes the ability to organize and manage wide change and communicate effectively with people at all levels of the organization and key stakeholders in the local community. Decisiveness, relationship management, good judgement and problem solving are important soft skills that many SEO’s lack.

Focus on executive orientation

Everyone is aware of the importance of the initial days of a new executive’s life. Little attention is paid to assisting individuals in their transition phase. Leading organizations begun offering professional coaching for new executives to assist them develop a positive relationship with new employer, set first year goals and develop new team that ensures that the company moves forward.

Relationship management

Leading edge organizations are making more of an effort to keep in touch with their potential talent in similar ways as they do with customers. Candidates who participate in search assignments and are not successful continue to be good potentials. Every effort like sending newsletters and emails are made to stay in contact with potential talent and to fill the candidate pipeline for the future.


Talent management needs high priority for every organization whether they are private sector or non-profit that serves needs of the community. CULTIVA services helps you take steps in order to ensure the right people in the right job at the right time.

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