CULTIVA has been working since 2010 to help various organizations expand themselves into something bigger, better and exceptional. We have worked with educational institutions, schools, Ed tech companies and other companies to help them expand their business internationally and locally. Together we develop effective strategies with partnership and execution. You see the magic work while you work with us.

We stand out from the competition through our expansive global network, reliable execution of solutions, and innovative team of experts of education based professionals.

Our Goals

Our team at CULTIVA is focuses on the aim of meeting and exceeding legal and ethical standards commended to us by our partners and stakeholders. We aim at creating higher and better standards of living in the world where everyone is striving for excellence. The communities, in which we work and operate, are our full responsibility as we promise to make them flourish through partnership and execution.

Working with us, will bring a positive impact on your organization and you as well. We not only do the job of taking your business to heights, we also educate you in a way that you can do so after our work is done with you. Once you have worked with us-your visions will change positively and you will have a brighter side to look at in the name of business.

Partnering with CULTIVA, you stand ahead and different from all the others.


Where everyone is striving to become the shining star of the market we believe that consistency, vision, and innovation delivers. CULTIVA  educates our clients so that they can execute their strategies to become leaders in their respective field. We have worked with the world’s leading nonprofits, foundations, federal and state clients to develop winning solutions.

SWaM Certification

We are a DSBSD SWaM certified Micro Business.

Services Overview

School Start-ups
Buying and Selling Schools
Strategic Planning
Institutional Assessments
Feasibility Studies
School Management Services

Our Clients

CULTIVA serves a variety of clients in different sectors: private and public education sector, municipal and state government, and also a variety of companies. We support clients all over the world, for example in Africa, China, or the Caribbean.