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CULTIVA: International Education Solutions

CULTIVA develops turn-key international education solutions for schools, investors, governments and development organizations. Our global education consultants deliver strategic planning, financing, staffing, curriculum, student recruitment and operational support for projects in areas such as China, Africa, and Latin America.

As an international education consultant, CULTIVA is committed to improving the standard of living and quality of life in all of the communities in which we operate while ensuring that our endeavors are profitable for their stakeholders. Our education consultants work in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, increasing education opportunities for underserved communities and delivering real returns for investors. When you work with CULTIVA, you have a partner to help you every step of the way, from start-up to success.

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Check out our project work in China, Africa, the USA, and the Caribbean.

CULTIVA is a global provider of consulting services and out partnerships extend all over the world. Check out our current projects.

Understanding the Business

At CULTIVA, we let you know about the basics and analytics of business, which acknowledge you about what you need and what you have to get, in order to help you achieve your goal or get you to your destination. We help you in understanding the business and educate you about it so that you can see it for yourself, that where you and your organization are heading to.


What is our client strategy? Strategic growth is essential and we do not make it an option for our services and for your business. We bring the best to our clients as we aim at making our clients fulfill their goals and dreams. Our client strategy is to take the best out of your business and make its potential go to the highest levels-giving you the fruits of great profits.

Reaching for the Goals

At CULTIVA, we offer you the best education in order to bring the best out of your business. We educate you about how you can make your business grow with outstanding strategies and plans and our team lets you know about every step so that you can know exactly what is happening to your business. Stand with us and make your business change to reach heights that you have never imagined! We promise to make it better for you…


We bring a remarkable transformation to your business, which you might have dreamed about since a long time. We implement great strategies and efficient practices to transform your business in a magical way so that you can reach for the heights and avail what you wish for. Get your business dreams fulfilled with us in the most superior manner.

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